Sunday stroll #33 - Vestamager by Céline Hallas

We all survived the first week of school, I wasn't sure it would go that way Wednesday, but we made it!
So after doing as little as possible Saturday, Sienna and I got a bit more activ Sunday.
After sleeping in we meet up with friends and saw modern dance at the police headquarter in Copenhagen. Now Sienna wanna learn how to dance flamenco!!

Home again, the kids and I went for a walk at Vestamager  - one of our favorit places! It was late, windy and everybody was a bit tired, but we walked and played for a few hours - taking in the   fresh air and the darkening sky. We may not have white nights more, but I love the light that comes with the last part of summer.

Now lets see if we can survive the second week of school!
xo Céline

Sunday stroll #1 - Vestamager by Céline Hallas

First Sunday stroll of the year and on the last day of our Christmas vacation.
The weather was nothing less then perfect - sun and the bluest sky and our destination was Vestamager, a place I never tire of visiting it is always so beautiful and the colorfully. And because of the good asphalt also perfect place to skate, so the kids are easy to persuade to go there ;)
I was a perfect day, with a crazy twist at the end - because someone stole Samuels winter jacket while he did tricks and therefore had to put it on the ground. But on the plus side, Sienna found the perfect walking stick and insisted it had been Gandalfs.
Home again, we eat hot soup and dreamed about the holiday not beeing over.

xo Céline