Sunday stroll #52 - Kongens Have by Céline Hallas

Haleluja we made it to the last Sunday stroll of the year.
And since last weeks walk, we have once again moved, this time to a place we can stay for the next few months. We are living as central as you can in Copenhagen, in a street called Fiolstræde, so it seemed right to explore one of Copenhagen's most famous parks, Kongens Have, this time. It ended up being a late walk again this week, as we once again were out look at the apartments, but we made it before the darkness totally took over.

We looked at statues, Googled corroded copper and the kids ran completely hysterical around, shouting and singing, after having been inside for several days. They actually ended up being almost embarrassing and as I told Samuel this, he looked at me and said -  If we can't be like this on our Sunday strolls, then when? and wasn't letting go of all restrictions and feeling free, the hole point? And he was so right, and that is why we usually go for walks more desolate places.

And now the answer to the big question, will we continue our Sunday strolls next year?
Yes we will - the both kids have given me another year, with a weekly Sunday trip together - so lets see what next year will bring us - and happy new year to all of you.

xo Céline

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Sunday stroll #51 - Søndersø by Céline Hallas

The year is comming to an end and so is our 52 Sunday strolls. What next year will bring I don't know, but I told the kids that all I want for Christmas is a year more of Sunday strolls - I don't know if I will get it. 
But back to now and our 51st stroll. We revisited Søndersø and we all climbed the trees that was lying in the water and enjoyed the warm weather and the chance to go outside after a week of moving. 
I am making a book for the kids with our strolls and I can't wait for it to be done, but I am still way behind on editing past strolls so it will be a while until it's done. Maybe I can some of them done in the coming holiday.


Sunday stroll #49 - Damhussøen by Céline Hallas

You can call us a lot but not quitters ;)
So on a very dark, windy and rainy Sunday afternoon we hurried out and went for a walk by Damhussøen. We had used the hours with light apartment hunting, something a bit more urgent and important then our Sunday walk - but some how we managed to do both. And it was so amazing to let the rain and wind freshen us up after a day inside - and no we didn't find something to buy.

xo Céline