Sunday stroll #26 - Bolund by Céline Hallas

Okay lets get back to the Sunday strolls!!
This one was the day after Daniel turned 40 and Samuel was a Karate camp.
We had no idear where to go and literally just got in the car and started driving - on the way Daniel found this very little peninsula called Bolund, who oddly enough had a very long history  and a lot of legends associated with it.

We had a lovely walk to the island and around it and on the top of it we sat in the grass for a long time just relaxing and enjoyed the beautiful view over Roskilde Fjord, while the clouds moved across the sky <3 
On our way home we drove by the moste amazing field filled with red poppys as far as you could see - you can see them here!

xo Céline

20150628_1399 kopi.jpg