Sunday stroll #51 - Søndersø by Céline Hallas

The year is comming to an end and so is our 52 Sunday strolls. What next year will bring I don't know, but I told the kids that all I want for Christmas is a year more of Sunday strolls - I don't know if I will get it. 
But back to now and our 51st stroll. We revisited Søndersø and we all climbed the trees that was lying in the water and enjoyed the warm weather and the chance to go outside after a week of moving. 
I am making a book for the kids with our strolls and I can't wait for it to be done, but I am still way behind on editing past strolls so it will be a while until it's done. Maybe I can some of them done in the coming holiday.


Sunday stroll #13 - Søndersø by Céline Hallas

Once again we returned to Søndersø. I am totally in love with the area!
We went for a late walk and the already gloomy day only got darker and more foggy as the twilight toke over.
I can't wait for spring to come and see this amazing palce in all of its green glory. The good part was that the forest floor had started to turn green and small plants had broken through the brown soil all over.

Sping is here!
xo Céline

Sunday stroll #10 - Søndersø by Céline Hallas

After a long Sunday of shooting for the upcomming issue of Enfants Terribles, we still had a Sunday stroll on the to-do list and totally empty of idear where to go. So Daniel took a map and found a lrandom lake and it became the goal.
I turned out to be Søndersø in Værløse, a place where Daniel had fond childhood memories of, because his grandmother lived near by, back then. And it was an almost magical place in the late spring sun and warm weather!

We didn't walk very far, but there was endless play on fallen trees that lived their lives in the lake and it felt like balm for the soul after weeks of endless stress. We drove home as the sun went down full of new engery and hunger... I can't wait to go back to this place!

xo Céline

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