Sunday stroll #49 - Damhussøen by Céline Hallas

You can call us a lot but not quitters ;)
So on a very dark, windy and rainy Sunday afternoon we hurried out and went for a walk by Damhussøen. We had used the hours with light apartment hunting, something a bit more urgent and important then our Sunday walk - but some how we managed to do both. And it was so amazing to let the rain and wind freshen us up after a day inside - and no we didn't find something to buy.

xo Céline

Sunday stroll #5 - Damhussøen by Céline Hallas

So last weekend I was in Paris where I visited Playtime and Kid. But my family kept up the tradition and went for a Sunday stroll. Unfortunately the camera and the phone ran out of battery, so there are not many pictures but Samule has written a little about what they experienced.
xo Céline

Last Sunday sienna, my father and I went for a walk. Our destination was Damhussøen.
My mother was not home because she was in Paris in France. We started to go over to Vigerslevparken and there we saw a little dog playing around with its owner. After that we went over to Damhussøen and went to a little café where my father talk with at old man and we got cocoa. After that we went home, it was a 7 km walk.