Sunday stroll #25 - Karlstrup Kalkgrav / by Céline Hallas

Only a few 100 meters from the freeway exit at Solrød lies a well hidden wonder - called Karlstrup Kalkgrav. An old limestone quarry which today is the most beautiful azure blue lake with a lush natural surrounding. 

It's hard to describe the area's beauty and peace, but it gives one a sense of calm - and that is in spite of young people partying and old men fishing ;) 

The water isn't for childen to swim in as it gets very deep rapidly - but to walk along the along the path that goes around the entire lake is more than enough - and combined with dipping your  toes in the cold water I can't ask for more.

Sienna had much fun experiencing nature -  picking wild strawberries, looking at the many funny birds and jumping over tiny springs and climbing on the clay slopes. Event the  old pump house added to the beauty of the area, with its red tree walls!

I can't wait to return to this place and walk down the steep stairs that lead down to this wunder and hopefully Samule will be with us next time.

xo Céline

P.S. I know I have jumped in the weeks, but I promise all our Sunday strolls will come :)