Sunday stroll #14 - Vesterlyng / by Céline Hallas

South of the small port Havnsø you find Vesterlyng - a large nature reserve and Sjællands largest coastal heath. Not fare from here Daniels parents has a cottage and therefore this area has played a major role in his childhood. We have only visited it a few times and therefore we chose to take a Sunday stroll here and experience it together. 

We drove to Havnsø where we shopped some food for lunch and the kids saw something as exotic as a phone booth, then we drove to the beach and ate our food there with the most beautiful view from the car seat. 

Here after we went for a long walk through the extraordinary landscape the coastal heath creates. We saw cows and played in the flat landscape where only small ponds or maybe puddles breaks the horizon - I have never experienced anything like this.

We were there for hours and ended up on the beach just sitting and looking at the water - before we drove home to Daniel parents for dinner.

xo Céline

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