The week’s finest VSCO Grid™ images / by Céline Hallas

I work so much of the time with other people's creative work - scouting for talent, helping them with their creative process, promoting them and trying to get them into the spotlight. I love it, don't get me wrong - it is one of the biggest peeks about working on Enfants Terribles Magazine, but sometime it takes so much of my time, that I forget to be creative.

Today one of MY pictures was selected to be among one of the 12 finest on this week's VSCO Grid - that is a GREAT, great compliment to get. VSCO has revolutionized mobile photography and editing, and we are many who fights for their attention through our personal Grids. I have been selected for there Grid some times, but to be selected as one of "The week’s finest VSCO Grid™ images" beats that with many lengths.

Maybe it is a longing for more creative time, that made this a BIG thing - but today it just made my day! Thank you VSCO for getting me to play again and again!

You can read a great text on creativity and find my picture and the other selected here!

xo Céline