Skovsø Naturpark

Sunday stroll #31 - Skovsø Naturpark by Céline Hallas

So on the last day of the grown ups vacation we wanted to find an evtra exciting place to go for our Sunday stroll. We asked Sienna what she wanted to see and she said a forest lake.

It turned out to be a bit tricky to find via google but we found a place called Skovsø Naturpark (forest lake nature park) so we headed that way.

The place was great, not a big area, but it had it all. It had a forest, a forest lake, a field, a small river and a golf course?!? The kids spent a long time exploring and relaxing by the little river and the bridges that led over the water, but we also found sweet wild raspberries and Sienna and Daniel built apartments for insects.

It was all the way in Slagelse and I am not sure I would drive all the way again to visit, but if I was near by I would definitely drop again.

xo Céline