Sunday stroll #12 - Søerne by Céline Hallas

Allll most up to date now on our Sunday strolls.
This Sunday was the weekend after the new issue of Enfants Terribles went online and I was so tired. We had spent the first part of this Sunday at Irmas food fair together with what seemed like the rest of Copenhagen, so even though it was really good, we needed fresh air and we a Sunday stroll was perfect. 

Because the fair was held on Vesterbro we went for a walk at Søerne, very convenient. The kids fed the ducks with organic rye bread from Irma and climbed trees, while we tried not to knocked over by runners. It was a sunny Sunday and it meant that there was an infinite number out for a run - this is the bad part about having a Sunday stroll with kids here, you had to be on the lookout all the time in order to prevent a collision. 

We walked around two of the lakes and on our way back Daniel and Sammie went out to shop, while Sienna and I stayed at the lakes and was silly and went to play at the nearby playground. It got cold and we returned home with a cup of hot cocoa in our hands!

xo Céline