Memory Lane

A walk down Memory Lane by Céline Hallas

It's the last day of the year and therefore totally fine to be a little nostalgic.


In the first 3 months of the year, we made three issues of Enfants Terribles Magazine - totally crazy project! But I also got to experience early spring in France with my family.


Spring and summer in Denmark was god! We visited strawberry fields and Samuel got to be in a movie - but amidst all the lovelyness Sienna became very ill and it was a tough time. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and was ready to enjoy the summer.


Summer vacation in France, with lots of skating, dancing in the street and picture taking. I used the summer to experiment with VSCO and learn how to use it. Back in Denmark the heat continued and we started working on issue 6 of Enfants Terribles Magazine.


Fall and winter came, both so warm that it was hard to understand we were in Danmerk. Samuel turned 12 and Sienna turned 8 - Christmas came and on first Christmas day we woke up to snow, which seemed like a Christmas miracle.