Everyday magic

the fire next doore by Céline Hallas

Well it's been quite the experience to move from the suburbs.
Wednesday night there was a fire in the building next door and we had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. What a scare, but no one was hurt and that's the main thing.

The Kids took the experience so well, but I must admit that I was somewhat paralyzed in a some days.

I hope they find the cause of the fire!
xo Céline

Evening beach trip by Céline Hallas

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Saturday evening we went for a late night beach trip, with Convenient food from Irma, blankets and swimwear. It was a bit windy but still warm enough to enjoy <3
Sienne played in the water and laugh and talked about feeling bad for Sammie, because he was't home, so he was missing out on this.
We stayed to the sky turned lilac and pink and when the dark was everywhere we walked to the little harbor and got an icecream.
Sienna ended up going to bed way to late, but who really cares when we werw having so much fun.

xo Céline

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