Gentofte sø

Sunday stroll #18 - Gentofte sø by Céline Hallas

Oh my, I am so far behind with these beautiful Sunday strolls - but here we go!

This time we visited Gentofte sø, the place where it all began 25 weeks ago. From that Sunday we have gone for a walk every weekend, some have been amazing, some not so much, but we have continued to do it because we know this is a great tradition for us, as a family.

An now back to this walk...
I loved Gentofte sø in the winter time, back when we had it almost to ourselves, This time there was cycles, that were about to driv into us constantly and it was incredibly stressful.
On the plus side there were lots of goslings and ducklings and they ware so cute.

We only had one and a half hour for the walk and it was too short a time so it ended up also being a little stressed about that. Luckily we could relax in my parants garden after our walk and  the kids could play in the sun <3

That's all for now ;)
xo Céline

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