Sunday stroll #20 - Bognæs by Céline Hallas

While the rape was at its peak, we took a trip to Bognæs and had a fantastic experience!

It was one of those days, where the weather constantly switched between cloudy and high sun and the wind was at full power - that we decide to visit Bognæs near Roskilde and explore its stunning scenery. We walked along a dirt road that twisted in the countryside with fields, forests and water on both sides. Just Beautifull!

We could not be anything but happy on that dirt road and ended up finding a small jetty where the kids played in the icy water. Crazy kids,  nothing can keep them out of water and especially Sienna have no fear of the cold if she can play in the water.

On our way back to the car, we all dreamed and talked about living right there on Bøgnæs - but there was nothing for sale and while we drove back to Copenhagen reality returned.
But we sure will return to this amazing place for many more Sunday strolls!

xo Céline