Sunday stroll #15 - Arresø by Céline Hallas

On the first really hot day of spring we look up the warmest place on Sjælland and googled places for at walk there. The place was Arresø near Frederiksværk and to my surprise the most beautiful pictures of a nature trail keeps popping up. 

So we set the GPS to Frederiksværk and drove into the sunshine.

The forrest that surrounded the lake, where we ended up, was stunningly beautiful in all its spring decoration and anemones covered the forest floor. Out on the trail the froggs croaked and you could see there eggs everywhere, further up where it was more dry area and we saw several snakes there. At the end of the trail there was a great observation post overlooking the lake - next time we have to bring lunch and eat it here.

We were there for hours. Sienna playing with butterflies and Samule just relaxing. On our way home we got some food and high on life planned an dream vacation to Tennessee in two years, everything seemed possible in that moment <3

xo Céline

20150411_6917 kopi1.jpg