Sunday Stroll #36 - Malergården / by Céline Hallas

After a weekend that primarily contained rain, we set off towards Odsherred and a little museum called Malergården, where the artist family Swane have lived from in the mid-30s to 2011, when the last son died. The home is one of the few authentic artist's homes in Denmark. With its unusual and stately buildings, surrounded by a very large and varied garden. It is situated in the middle of the beautiful East Danish nature and probably a reflection for a desire to realize the dream of paradise.
We loved it there and the feeling of freedom. We loved the decor and the many apple trees, we loved the cows and water there.
I would recommend everybody visit this museum/home!

xo Céline

150609_3093 kopi.jpg
150609_3265 kopi.jpg