Sunday stroll #11 - Vallensbæk Strand / by Céline Hallas

Sunday some weeks ago we returned to Vallensbæk Strand with a shovel and a greater purpose.  I had to take some pictures for my editorial for Enfants Terrbles Magazine, so we combined this with our Sunday stroll. After after we had almost buried Sammie in the sand and dug a hole so deep that Sienna could stand in it, we went for a walk along the beach while the twilight took over. Giddy by the fresh air and play, Sammie tried to eat  seaweed and did stunts down of large  piles of it.

People must think we are very strange when we arrives to do crazy stuff, with kids who shout of joy and playfulness. 

The sun had gone down before we got back to the car and returned home - once again happy for this great tradition.

xo Céline