Greetings from France by Céline Hallas

I just wanted to send a little greeting from the way, way to hot France.
We are spending the days inside and only daring to go outside after 7pm - in all the years we have come here it has never been so hot for so long. 

In the few hours we have for fun, between 7pm and sundown, we have gone to the beach, Sammie have been skating and we had our hottest Sunday stroll to date - only once have we been to the Town Hall Square and that was only to get some ice-cream. I wish I had more to tell but that is about it! We just sleep a lot and eat a lot of melons and drink water.

Here's some shots from the first week here!
All edited in VSCOcam because I don't have the energy to side at the computer - it's just to hot ;)

xo Céline