Wonderful Vacation

Sunday stroll #29 - Fréjus by Céline Hallas

On a way to hot day in Fréjus, France - we waited for the clock to turn 7pm before going out for a Sunday stroll, but even though the sun was going down, the heat was still overwhelming.

We just wanted to go for a walk just outside town, so it wasn't a long walk. We have walk this trail many times befor - but it leads to a lawn where you can look out over the city as the sun sets behind the mountains and therefore a favorite destination.

The kids were fighting and hugging the hole way as only siblings can. 

We found blackberry bushes and pomegranates and almond trees at the lawn and the kids had  fun trying to open the almonds. While the sun was setting we sat on the lawn and just relaxed - and we didn't return home before the dark was complet.

xo Céline


Fields of fun by Céline Hallas

Just like last summer, Sienna and I visited my aunt and uncle in the countryside, but unlike last year the weather was cloudy and cold, so playing in there garden wasn't as fun.
On our way back to the city, we decided to take a break at some of the beautiful fields that fills the area as far as you can see.
Oh how I love having time to just stop, if we feel like it <3

xo Céline

A day in the strawberry fields by Céline Hallas

The Danish summer weather is so strange this year, one moment it is scorching hot and the next icy cold and raining. But one of the hot days Sienna and I planned a trip back to the organinc farm Ventegodtgård to pick strawberrys. 
Sienna enjoyed the sun and danced through the rows of strawberries, while she picked the ripe berries with her little hands smeared in juice from the berries. We ended up picking 2.7 kg strawberries and even had a stomach acheafter eaten too many berries while picking.
I hope we can find time for one more trip before the season is over.

xo Céline

Ohh and I made a new little video with Flipagram - I really like making them <3