Sunday stroll #39 - Sydvestpynten by Céline Hallas

On the last weekend of September we went back to our favorit picnic place, Sydvestpynten!
Snacking on goodies from Irma, we enjoyed the last heat of the setting sun and playing around in the sand. We all knew this would be the last picnic untill next sping and maybe that was why we stayed longer than we should. This was also the night of the Super Blood Moon eclipse so the rising of the moon was so beautiful and everybody was sure they would get up at night to se the eclipse... But no one did we all sleep trough it <3

xo Céline

Evening beach trip by Céline Hallas

On a hot evening we decided to take to the water for a little cooling.
So we got in the car, drove to Irma for food and then to Kongelunden on Vestamager.
We arrived to a beautiful view with the setting sun over the sea, coloring the water all sorts of pale shades. We played in the water, eat some food and relaxed as the sun continued its decline and the planes from Kastrup Airport flew over us.
We did not go home until after 2230 and how I loved driving through the empty streets of Copenhagen with the radion on and two sleeping kids in the back seat.
We will have to do this more often!

xo Céline