Sorgenfri Slotshave

Sunday stroll #46 - Sorgenfri Slotshave by Céline Hallas

The year is coming to an end and in a month we will move out of our house and start on a new adventure. And all though it is very exciting, it is also incredibly stressful.
So this weekend I insisted that we went somewhere new on our Sunday stroll, to give our brains a break from the many thoughts and just focus on beeing.

We drove to Lyngby and went for a walk in Sorgenfri Stolshave. Not the biggest or prettiest area, but the kids could run around and it was new and fresh and we didn't need more. We returned to the car as the sun down and all the kids could talk about was how much they wanted home made burgers, so on the way back, we went shopping for it and ended the week with a burger feast <3

xo Céline