Sunday stroll #16 - Munkholmbroen by Céline Hallas

Last weekend we promised the kids to go see the cows be let out in the open again, after a long winter in the barn. This should be our Sunday stroll and everybody was looking forward to it. So our spirits were high as we drove off towards the Kirke Hyllinge and good friends and cows.

Unfortunately we got stuck in queue on the highway and it quickly became clear to us, that the  queue was all of Copenhagen going to the countryside. Sadly we had to accept that we woulden't make it in time to see the cows and made a snap decision to drive to Munkholmbro for ice cream and a walk.

And what an good decision! The area surrounding Munkholmbroen was pure happiness. We got a good ice cream, a beautiful beach and an amazing forest and there was peace!! Peace is such an importen thing!

This place is high on my TOP 10 list over places to go for a Sunday Stroll!
xo Céline


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