Frederiksberg Have

Sunday stroll #4 - Frederiksberg Have by Céline Hallas

Our Sunday stroll has gotten a tendency to lie on Saturdays?
This time it was CIFF kids that came in the way, but we managed take a walk in the snowy Frederiksberg Have instead. And although I don't like snow, I must admit it was very beautiful! The snow tends to get peoples inner child out and that i love to. Grown men playing around in the snow, with the same happiness as doges get when they take there first walk in snow - what's not to like.

Samuel was at winter karate camp, so he was't with us, but out doing karate bare-chested in the snow - and now he is sick...

xo Céline


20150124_7938 kopi.jpg

Sunday stroll by Céline Hallas

Christmas came and went - and with it came snow.
It's been years since we been able to enjoy snow at Christmas and the snow and ice have stirred something in adults and children - and made nature into everybodys playground.
Today we had our Sunday stroll in Frederiksberg Have, surrounded by hungry birds - ready to put on a show for some bread!

20141228_4463 kopi.jpg