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Enfants Terribles Magazine - the Best Friends Forever issue by Céline Hallas

Photo credit: Céline Hallas

Photo credit: Céline Hallas

This time we pay tribute to friendship in all it's splendour. Old friends, new friends, best friends,  imaginary friends. Friendship comes in all shapes and colours. Sometimes it grows effortlessly and out of the blue. Sometimes it lasts forever and sometimes an eternity fits into a short moment of time.


Our Children's Voices feature is about opening our eyes to the wisdom our children possess naturally. We asked the kids to share their thoughts on how to be a good friend and you'll love their answers for their clear-sightedness and open, honest hearts.

As always all editorials and artwork in the magazine has been created specifically for the BFF theme, in order to give our readers a unique and exciting visual storyboook experience, that tells tales from the crooks and corners of our playful imaginations.

You might notice that we've changed our looks a little bit with this new issue. We have a new logo and thus also a new cover style. In close collaboration with our new art director we have worked hard on making Enfants Terribles Magazine into a playful and pleasant reading experience. We hope you like what we've done, just as we hope you'll enjoy the Best Friends Forever issue. 

Let's be friends!
Søs and Céline

Sleep Blessing by Céline Hallas

In the new issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine we played with the theme Creatures of Light and Darkness. I created a editorial with the name Sleep Blessing, in which I exploring the haunting and sometimes scary dreams we have. I really enjoyed playing with the darkness both in pictures and in mood - and trying to cut to the core of the project and thus have a much shorter editorial, without losing the content.

I hope you will enjoy this <3
xo C