What happened last week? / by Céline Hallas

Okay let's try to do a weekly post with all the random pictures from the past week <3
Maybe that would be a good way to blog for me right now!

Yoda missing the kids so much that he only wants to lie on things that smells like them, the blanket from where he was born don't do it anymore!

We kinda skipped ballet class and instead ate ice cream and played in the Amalie Garden under the pink cherry trees, while the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It felt like the right decision! 

Magical light at Amalie Garden after a quick shoot for the next issue og Enfants Terribles Magazine.

Reading Kids News after her ballet lessons.

Evening walk with Yoda and Sienna. Around 8 pm the light is like magic at the Opera <3

Samuel won yet another gold medal for the growing collection at this years Roskile Cup.