Sunday stroll #48 - Tippen / by Céline Hallas

152911_0773 kopi.jpg

On a cold November day, and not just any day, but on Siennas 9th birthday we went for a walk at Tippen...again. Again because we love this place and because we had a lot og apples at home and wanted to give them to the sheep.
But for the first time this year, Sienna wasn't with us on our weekly Sunday stroll. She was out working for Soft Gallery, having lots of fun.
But back to the stroll. It was very icey day and we walk around for a long time looking for the sheeps, starting being worried about whether they were there.

Suddenly they came running, as if they knew we were looking for them and they ware so happy for the apples, almost nearly overthrew Daniel for more apples.
We had so much fun with them and we just love that their looks and personality is so different.
This I our favorite place I think!

xo C´eline