Sunday stroll #44 - Pinseskoven / by Céline Hallas

I have wanted to go see Pinseskoven for a long time - or since reading about it in the summer.
So when Sienna and I had a Sunday stroll to ourself we set the GPS for the adress and just drove.
A little surprised we discovered, when we were almost there, that it was the forest we have visited so many times - just entering it from another direction.
But we are always happy there, so we stayed and had our walk while talking laughing and exploring. We endes up in a big meddow without any trees and low grass, here we sat down and from her pocket Sienna pulled two Kit Kats that she had from Halloween. So we just sat there looking at the foggy forrest and talking while enjoying her Halloween treats.
The darkness came early, so we had to get back to the car while we coud see the path. On the little road back Sienna did cartwheels as always and once again I felt relieved from all the madness of our lifes right now. This moving is so much more work and worries then I had predicted!

xo Céline